TS 16949 | ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001 certified
Quality Infrastructure
Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities
Our plants are well organized with a quick feedback through one piece flow which enables us to detect defects at an early stage during WIP and consequently give a rapid feedback to the casting operators which helps us reduce rejections.

With an annual installed capacity of 24,000 metric tons per annum for India & Euro 20Mn installed capacity for Europe, coupled with state of art heat treatment, machining and quality infrastructure, alicon group is your ideal partner for your casting needs.

Core competencies :-

  • Die designing & tool manufacturing (CAD / CAM)
  • Gravity die casting
  • Low pressure die casting
  • Machining & assembly


alicon offers the following services :

  • Conceptual designing 3D modeling
  • Tool designing
  • CAM programming
  • CNC machining
  • Manufacture of tools and dies
  • Data conversion

Die designing and tool manufacturing is done through our sister concern – Group Company-Silicon Meadows. We have more than 150 engineers dedicated in 3D modeling and design services, tool design and validation along with design & engineering services at customer’s site.

Tooling Infrastructure -

Our tool room deploys state of the art machines that use 3D modeling data to manufacture precision tools as per requirements.

Sr. No. Machine Capacity
1 VMC Hartford 1270 X : 1270, Y : 630, Z : 550
2 VMC Hartford 1050 X : 1050, Y : 550, Z : 500
3 VMC Hartford 1050 X : 1050, Y : 550, Z : 500
4 Universal Mill, g BFV 5 1000 x 500 x 350
5 VMC Hartford 1050 X : 1050, Y : 550, Z : 500
6 VMC Hartford 1200 X : 1200, Y : 550, Z : 500
7 Radial drilling machine Dia. 35 mm, 500 Radial & 800 pillar
8 Air compressor 5 hp 100cc 32 cfm Reciprocating
9 Bench grinder 0.75HP 6” wheel dia, 1800 rpm


Products are manufactured by two processes in Gravity die casting –
  1. Stationary Gravity Process
  2. Tilt Pour Gravity Process

Weight Range : 330 GMS to 65 KG
Core Weight : 20 GMS to 20 KG
Component Weight range : 0.180 Kg to 13.5 Kg

Features –
The machines used for die casting are manufactured as per specific requirements from our customers. Our design and processes enable us to manufacture critical parts such as intake manifolds having a wall thickness of 2mm or components having lengths of 1200mm. We manufacture components like intake manifolds, engine mounting brackets, Charge air cooled tanks, EGR parts, adaptors, housings and torque rods through Gravity Die Casting Process.


We design and deploy our own machines for Low Pressure Die Casting process. The machines are fully automatic with PLC control.

We are pioneers of the unique Pi system for low pressure die casting which has been developed by the alicon group. This system enhances productivity with minimum utilization of resources like machines, space and manpower.

Weight Range : 2 KG to 60 KG
Core Weight : 150 GMS to 6 KG
Component Weight range : 0.45 Kg to 85 Kg

Using automatic air pressure regulation with precise metal injection into the mould, we manufacture critical parts like cylinder heads for two wheelers and four wheelers, and crankcase.

We are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cylinder heads for motor cycles in India and command a leading market share.


In order to add value and give better service to our customers, we have set up a modern machining centre.

Components are supplied in fully machined or semi-finished condition depending upon our customer’s requirement.

We have deployed 60 nos. CNC machines (VMCs and HMCs) of makes like Brother, Argo, Hartford, Makino, Aries, Mazak etc.

We use hydraulic / pneumatic fixtures required for machining operations. With stringent process control measures at casting stage and machining stage, our defect rate at customer end is less than 100ppm.

We have the capability to offer fully machined components with diameter tolerance of +/- 10 microns and angular tolerance of +/- 0.1 degree. Run out are controlled within 0.03mm.

Critical surface finishing is done for gasket less applications to OEMs.