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Current Vacancies

Silicon Meadows is the ideal choice for professionals who wish to nourish their abilities and further develop skills more efficiently. The opportunities to lead, innovate, train and motivate can all be easily found at Silicon Meadows. We value the strong character that develops within an individual owing to valuable work experience and would want our professionals to inflict this charisma to all their team members.

We are looking for dynamic and hardworking individuals who possess the capability to speak effectively with people at all operational and managerial levels. Owing to the extremely busy environment we require individuals who possess the ability to work under pressure while focussing on deadlines.

Please follow the below steps to apply:
Search for opportunities on our website
As a part of a dynamic business model on the constant requirement of human resources; posting jobs checking applications and following up is done on a regular basis.

Apply online
The candidate can search for relevant opportunities in the interested sector and apply online by sending his/her resume to career.Silicon Meadows@alicongroup.co.in . Your application would be reviewed as per the job requirements and you will be informed via an electronic mail or a phone call.

After screening your application, we invite you to our organisation for an interview to discuss about yourself clearly stressing on your professional accomplishments. We would be more interested to know about your strengths, attributes, projects undertaken and interests. If needed, we may also have a group discussion to assess your communication and interpersonal skills.

Assessment process
The next step would be an assessment of the candidate based solely on his/her performance during the interview and is highly dependent on the candidate’s ability to work independently and also as part of a team.

Our offer
If successful, we would give you a formal offer to join our organisation and shall await your response. At this stage we will go through our company policies down to the finest details to avoid any hiccups in the relationship that we are going to embark upon.

Join us
After a confirmation from your end, we will assign you a date to join our organisation. Orientation programs will be specifically designed keeping you in mind and we will await your welcome to our organisation for a promising and endeavouring union ahead.