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Working with Alicon is not a job. It's a journey; an experience. There's so much to explore here - even about yourself - that every day is a new day. You want a challenging and enjoyable work environment; Come to us, for we want you to realize your potential. You want to be recognized for your work; with us, you can fulfill your aspirations.
We are building tomorrow's enterprise today. And guess who's making this possible? Our people - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - and who embody our DNA of creating “Decisive Leaders” in all areas. We believe there's a bit of an “Icon” in everyone which is in going with the spirit behind our logo – ALICON – to be an icon in aluminum.

Are great careers born or made? At Alicon, they are both born and made. Because when you're at Alicon, you're already at the next level. And we provide you with every possible opportunity to inspire you - to make you go beyond what you think might be possible.
If you want the world to be your playground, you need the best opportunities. That's just what you'll get at Alicon. Whether it's helping you becoming better at what you're already good at, or helping you discover what you're the best at, we have the right content and programs for you.
Fuelled by aspirations, we're always growing, and finding innovative ways to do it. At Alicon, growth is both Vertical & Lateral; it is also very Exponential. When you work in an ecosystem that spans so many countries and industries, it's bound to be. And we are serious about your growth.

At Alicon, employees are invaluable assets and their career and personal growth are of prime concern to the Company. We provide a congenial atmosphere to work, learn and grow. The Company conducts various programmes to train their staff in the latest and the best foundry technology and management practices.
Our expansion projects offer numerous growth opportunities. Structured training programmes, rotational assignments and cross-functional mobility allow employees to grow. Movement across functions is encouraged to help employees develop a wider perspective and gain expertise in manifold functions.

The success of our client satisfaction lies in our people’s contribution. We are a team of dynamic, talented and above all hardworking individuals where one can always find the incandescent exuberance of youth under the esteemed aegis of industry leading professionals. This blend of young and experienced talent is the strongest foundation for our organization. We enable our people achieve their fullest potential and accelerate growth. Our culture based on motivation, team work and mutual respect provides excellent career opportunities. We are committed to deliver superior quality at all stages of career progression and help our people succeed not only professionally but also personally.


We set the highest standards in ethical conduct in the task that we undertake. Our founders have imparted us valuable lessons of honesty and integrity that eventually nurture trust. Keeping this priceless advice in all our endeavors, it is our relentless goal to offer a service which defines new levels of quality and trust.

We appreciate the talent, skills and expertise of our people and are proud of our diverse approach where everyone associated with our business; colleagues, clients, partners; are treated with mutual respect irrespective of their race, caste, creed, colour, religious beliefs or gender.

We staunchly believe that success is a team effort and realize that our employees colleagues play a vital role in the success of the company. We attribute our success to our pool of engineers which are a perfect blend of young talent who have been well educated to tomorrow’s modern technology and our senior mentors who have always supported and guided our engineers with their valuable experience.